Original project between SAFE HOUSE T and Studio REALS. 
KRAFT tells the story of the post-apocalyptic continent of Sylcivia, where humans struggle desperately to survive against the devastating environment. Two young boys, Shaw and Lantez, discovered highly advanced lost technology that sparked conflicts between the country and its royal bloodlines. A series of adventures soon followed, unveiling the mysteries of this world.

Promotional Poster (Robot poster/Fan-shaped poster)

Character Design

Shaw : A curious yet impulsive fifteen-year-old. Witty, energetic expressions matching the character description were designed with circular equipment as the character theme.

Lantaze : Prudent and agile, Lantez is a seventeen-year-old who doubles as a brotherly figure to Shaw. More mature expressions were drawn and a conservative color palette was used to create a reliable, trustworthy image.

Color Design

Robot / Items Design

D-4: An unique high-tech robot found in the ancient ruins.
G-Bug: Defensive robots found in the ancient ruins. They use their legs and claws to attack intruders. They are somewhat cute at first glance?

Environmental Art

The Pilot Film is mainly set in the high-tech laboratory. The story describes Shaw and Lantez’s adventures in the underground ruins. The environmental art reflects this aesthetic with a cold, metallic blue and facilities full of intricate equipment.

60 second Animation Version


SAFE HOUSE T studio :
Visual Director : 孫家隆
Environmental Art : 黃建臻
Key Animation : 姚筌薴/王子穎/蕭文澤/李浩雋
Animation : 林盈秀/王子豪/蘇芷嫻/許絜凱/闕廷伊/全可望/陳木蘭/陸泓熹/劉曉蓮
Color Design : 許絜凱
Coloring :許絜凱/蘇芷嫻
Compositing :蘇芷嫻/鄭睿哲
3D CG : 曾右任

Studio REALS :
Director / Scriptwriter : 林正庭
Concept Art : 葉長青
Animator : 張哲維/孫慈徽/吳珮瑄/陳奕倫
Music Director : 李世光